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Certain issues of life can cause one to hesitate in preparation. No one really wants to think about their passing or what happens to their property after they’re gone. For this reason, many people do not bother doing a Will. The passing of certain celebrities has recently highlighted this problem. This can lead to fights and family splits that go on indefinitely.

When someone passes without a Will, there is a default system Texas adopted as to what happens. The property and debts are what is known as “the estate.” The first step in proper estate planning is to have a good Will drafted by a lawyer. 

A loved one losing someone without a Will suddenly finds, to their dismay, they need to go to court, hire a lawyer, and get the court to open up an estate. Anything done must be approved by the court.

Court fees, attorney fees; and sometimes fees charged against the estate by additional professionals that have to be appointed by the court can reduce a substantial value of the estate.

Then, there is the case where there is a “Will” but not a good one. Many people try to “save money” by downloading a cheap $25 fill-in-the blank Will. They will leave hundreds of thousands of dollars to their loved ones on this “cookie cutter” Will.

This can lead to what is known as “Will contests” where others who think they should have gotten something hire lawyers and take the person inheriting an estate to court. Although no lawyer can guarantee those inheriting your possessions will not face a Will contest, when the Will is specifically drafted according to the latest laws in Texas to protect your assets, the chances of this can be greatly lowered.  

If you have a family, or loved ones, the best thing you can do for them to protect their future is by starting out by having an attorney draft up the best Will to fit your intentions.

Mr. Davidson will sit down with you, evaluate your entire situation, and draft a Will fitting your specific needs and desires.