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Criminal Defense 
When your freedom is on the line, take it seriously

Anyone can be accused of a crime. Once accused, you may face arrest, the need for a bond being set, paying a bondsman to get out pending your hearing, and dealing with everyone who may think you are “guilty until proven innocent.” 

Mr. Davidson is aware of this disturbing emotional pathway and provides guidance through the system. There are times that some cases go to trial. Those cases have to be properly prepared, witnesses need to be gathered, and investigation may be necessary. This is followed by trial, being in a court sometimes for several days either before a jury or before the judge (known as a “bench trial”).

He has been doing jury trials and bench trials in both adult and juvenile courts since 1997. He brings experience and expertise to your case. When specialists are needed to help you, such as an investigator, or experts in any field, he can recommend those who can be hired to provide help.

Mr. Davidson works many types of cases, some examples are Probation or Deferred Adjudication Cases, where a Motion to Revoke (MTR) Probation is filed by the District Attorney accusing someone of violating a term of their probation. Many outcomes are possible and you need someone who is experienced and is aware of all possible outcomes and the best route to achieve them. Far too many people take Motions to Revoke Probation almost like a traffic ticket and are stunned when they end up doing prison time.

Ever been pulled over by the police and accused of (DWI/DUI) driving while intoxicated, driving under the influence? You are being video and audio recorded. You’ll be asked to tell the officer if you have any medical conditions. Most of us do, tell the police then your possible extensive list of physical problems as it may explain some of your apparent impairment to the jury later. You’ll be asked to do various “exercises” by the side of the road that most people cannot “pass” even when totally sober, or, by those who don’t even drink. Due to my own medical conditions, I wouldn’t do them. You may not be able to either, for legitimate medical reasons. If you can’t do them, don’t.

Understand the police officer has already decided to arrest you and when you give out tests, air samples and so on, you are helping with your prosecution. Often, you will be arrested anyway if the officer even suspects you’ve been drinking. Everyone has had “two beers” and he hears that all night long.

Regardless of how you handled the arrest, much can still be done to help you when you act fast enough. You lose some of your rights in less than two weeks after arrest. Get a competent attorney, Mr. Davidson, now.

Accused of assault (of any kind)? Is the police report even accurate? Did the person accusing you have a motive to do so? Any assault case should be carefully explored legally before anyone enters any kind of “plea.” 

Is a criminal record keeping you from getting an apartment or job? In some cases, your record can be expunged or sealed from public view. Governmental agencies can always see that you got the charge, and it was expunged or sealed. The public sees none of that. Check and see if you qualify.

Other allegations of all types have been handled by Mr. Davidson, defending both adults and juveniles in San Antonio and surrounding counties. 

When accused of a crime, confer with Mr. Davidson.