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Not everyone makes the best decisions in their life all the time. Sometimes, especially when one is young, a person can get in trouble with the law and have a criminal record follow them the rest of their life. A criminal record can keep you from getting a good job, getting into college, getting a loan, and have other terrible consequences. 

Texas law takes into account the fact that some criminal actions should be removed from one’s record. The law can be complex to someone unfamiliar with expunctions. It is not always clear to someone when they can or can’t have their record cleaned up. As well, the laws over the years regarding expunctions have changed.

In other cases, a “non-disclosure” is needed. This has the same effect as an expunction but covers more types of criminal issues than regular expunction statutes. These, too, can be complex for those unfamiliar with them.

If a criminal action is expunged, or receives a “non-disclosure” the person can legally deny the arrest ever took place. This is important because there would be no advantage to cleaning up a record if one goes around listing prior criminal actions on legal documents.

Unfortunately, governmental entities have “X-Ray Vision.” They can see one has had an expunction or a nondisclosure. Often, people will say they want an expunction to “go into the military.” You can get it sometimes, but the military will still know you expunged it. The general public will not know. 

An expunction or nondisclosure is very specific to law and not all criminal actions are able to be removed from one’s record, but the removal of any is a step forward to a better future. Call today and let Mr. Davidson analyze your case.